Compose and Deploy your Opensource stack to create your MVP

Whether you need tools to automate your tasks, build your site or create services (dashboard, application,...). OpenMVPBox offers you a pre-configured environment with free tools. GO GO !!

OpenMVPBox democratizes the use of opensource solutions. It's a software box that contains essential tools for deploying your stacks (no/low-code) in order to create your MVP with your VPS or local machine

Reduce subscriptions of SaaS proprietary (Airtable, Bubble) 🙂

Alternative to Zapier / Integromat
Alternative to Airtable
Alternative to Retool
Create website and blogs
A CMS blog
Alternative to Google

Create Dashboard/CRM

Create dashboard from Appmisth and Tooljet and link your data using API


You need to manage your data and want to know where they are store, so use Opensource solution like Baserow or NocoDB


Create workflow and automate repetitive tasks, use n8n !


Free plan to paid plan 🙂

Pack Base

  • Create your own VPS
  • 30 opensource software
  • Video tutorial (french)

Pack Maintenance

  • Pack Base
  • Monitor your server (alerts)
  • Update and security)

Learning Pack

  • Help to choose the right stack
  • Help to configure your API
  • Help to build project

Launch your MVP now